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As a Sino-Canadian company, EIC applies Canadian advance technologies and has products assembly with low cost. EIC can always exceed customers' expectation and provide all round high power LED lighting solutions.

Suzhou EIC Electronic Co., Ltd. is Sino-Canadian Joint Venture and high technology company authorized by Chinese government. EIC was founded in 2011 with registration capital of 10 million US Dollars. EIC is located in Kunshan, next to Shanghai.
Produce range: High power LED lights and general lighting products, research, development, production, sale and technical service of effective high power heat sink. Main products include LED street light, high bay lights, flood lights and other indoor and outdoor lights.


R & D team:

The core team of EIC is mainly composed of outstanding talents in various backgrounds, such as academician of the mechanics academy, post-doctorals from Tsinghua University and University of Calgary, etc. EIC solved many world-class problems, such as heat-dissipation of high power LED lighting, 2nd and 3rd light distribution, intelligent control, etc.

Main achievements:

1.EIC is the first company, who invent to dissipate the heat of LED light through the housing instead of fins
2.EIC is the first company, who propose the concept of "Heat Engine" , and rewarded heat dissipation invention patent.
3.EIC is supported from Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. and has new breakthrough in heavy duty corrosion-proof protection treatment to ensure 20 years lasting.


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